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January 12th, 2011

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New things: a silverpebble etsy shop and a beaded wreath

December 6th, 2010

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Silver pinecone

November 25th, 2010

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Seeing double

November 21st, 2010

Someone’s twin arrived in the post from Jodie. Read more about it on my new blog

New necklace design

November 18th, 2010

I’ve made a new necklace based on little flags. You can read about it over on my new blog, here

There’s a new post…

November 15th, 2010

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Goodbye Wordpress, hello Blogger

November 11th, 2010

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Final splash

November 7th, 2010


So, this month’s colour project is drawing to a close. It’s been fabulously uplifting and an excellent antidote to grey skies. Ironically we haven’t had too many - it’s been rather sunny and bright here in the East of the UK, but this project is about storing up a pot of colour to draw on later, in darkest winter.


Miss P’s bonfire night glow stick

I’ve been thinking about the effectiveness of looking at colourful images as an alternative to the prolonged periods of sunshine that will be lacking in the winter. I had a quick look on the interwebs and most pages mention it as an alternative therapy, involving decorating your home in specific calming and uplifting colours. Google Scholar did not show any academic references for the use of colourful images to lift mood. So, there doesn’t seem to be any concerted research to prove its effectiveness (if you do know of any could you let me know?). This project can be our research though - do let me know if seeking out colour or looking at it on the flickr pool has made you feel less wintry.


This is my final image for November’s Splash of Colour:


It’s not terribly bright or striking is it? It’s the subject that’s key. It’s a picture of winter wheat that was sowed a month or two ago. It will grow very very slowly and at times remain practically dormant over the next three months or so. In March it will start to grow away ready for next year’s wheat harvest. The thought of it growing in this field only a few hundred yards from my house is lovely. There it is - summer in waiting. It’s a heartening thought.

Huge thanks again for joining in and commenting. I’ll be posting colour again at the beginning of December.

November colour mosaic

November 6th, 2010

Hold on to your hats. Here’s a mosaic from the Splash of Colour flickr pool*. It makes my eyes seriously happy **:


From top left:

Purple Podded Peas, Wild Acre, Itchin Stichin, Peeriemoot, Scented Sweetpeas, Alice,

Ally Coll Crochet, What Katy Did Next, Forest Poppy, Dragonfly, Green Rabbit Designs, Trash,

Harmony and Rosie, Domesticali, Philosopy of Lists, Sharne’s Bits n Bobs, Me, Driftwood,

Kitty, Tilly Flop, Niminy FIngers, Mkirkman, Bunny Mummy,

Linaloo, Buttons Ribbons and Other Things, Tess, Dottycookie, 77belle, Chic City Living, Paula’s Homemade Life.

I’ve included an image from everyone taking part in the flickr pool. There are over 200 vibrant images over there from 38 contributors - how fabulous is that? My mosaic-making skills are limited, that’s for sure, but it’s the colour that’s the star here. I’ll definitely be looking back at these in the coming months.

I find that looking at all this colour is rather like eating chocolate - it’s delicious, and the feeling lasts for a good while afterwards.

Go and have a peep at the latest bloggers to join the colour project***:

Planet Penny

Sharne’s Bit n Bobs

Forest Poppy

Rosie P

Su Living on the Edge

Helen Phillips

Busy busy bee jay

Bunny Mummy




Stitching in the kitchen

I’ll be back tomorrow to mark the end of November’s Splash of Colour.

* There was another mosaic in this post but my image handling skills were rather lacking with it for some reason and the images had become blurred. Apologies

** If you’re not happy that your image has been included then contact me and I’ll remove it.

*** If I’ve missed you off the list then do drop me a line.

Splash of colour: toys

November 3rd, 2010


Spot the real fruit

I’m overwhelmed at the response to this colour project. I can’t thank you enough for joining in because I’ve almost forgotten that winter’s on its way. This thing is working! I truly hope it is for you too. I’ve put a list of everyone that’s joining in on blogs, flickr or both at the bottom of this post so you can go and get even more of a colour hit.


I’m working furiously to make mosaics of the beautiful images over on the flickr pool. There are now 29 of us posting images on there. I can hardly believe it!

Whilst playing with the little ones in recent days with my new colour-spotting eyes in, I noticed how beautiful some of their toys are. I’ve been a little hair shirt with them though. There’s a lot of wooden toys round these parts and very few electronic tweety bleepy ones. It’s possible that they’ll hit ten and want nothing but a Nintendo DS as an antidote to wooden toys.


On the up side their toys are very very easy on the eye and bargains can sometimes be found. Recently I picked up the massive box of vintage wooden bricks in the above picture for £8, complete with a wine box to keep them in. I love their slightly worn look and the thoughts of one or two generations of children having already played with them adds to the loveliness.

I go for full on colour when I buy or swap their clothes too. Again, we may be met with two grey-clad teenagers eventually, but for now I’m seriously enjoying what they wear. As an adult it’s perhaps a little eccentric to wear all seven colours all at once but if you’re two it’s the best thing ever.


When the toys combine with the clothes, the happy blast is unmistakable.

Here is the list of bloggers and/or flickrers who are colouring themselves happy. Hop over to their blog or to the colour pool for a cheery fix:


Ally Coll Crochet

Beach Hut


Buttons and Ribbons and Other Things

City Chic Living

Coffee Lady





Fan my Flame

Green Rabbit Designs

Harmony and Rosie

Het Bovenhuis

Itchin Stichin

Kayla Coo



Little Cotton Rabbits

Marigold Jam

Marmalade Kiss

Menopausal Musing

Niminy Fingers

Paula’s Homemade Life


Purple Podded Peas

Resting on a Branch

Scented Sweetpeas

Speechless Mostly

Sight of Morning

Tales from a Cottage Garden

The Philosophy of LIsts



Troc, Broc and Recup

Wild Acre Flowers

77belle Miriam

If I’ve missed you off the list then huge apologies. Please do drop me a line and I’ll amend it.