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Shoes, peas and a hat

Sunday, June 15th, 2008

Firstly, so many thanks for the overwhelming number of lovely messages about our new arrival - it has been such a surprise to receive so many - and several from new visitors which is even more fab.

Miss P2 already has quite a collection of hand-made footwear, and not many of us can say that! As you may have read on Gina’s recent post, she had made me some very soft, tiny and beautiful booties for the new young lady. So kind of Gina - a really lovely surprise. Here is the young lady sporting said booties - they are a tiny bit big still but with their lovely crossover straps are very fashionable just now:


Thinking about designer footwear reminded me of the days of yore when I occasionally read Vogue (a long, long time ago). Remembering a famous brand of designer footwear and receiving the booties which are clearly right on trend, I am now wondering whether this is evidence of Gina possibly hiding something from us. What do you think?

The booties I made for Miss P2 are definitely on the clodhopping side at the moment - rather too big, but as Dottycookie requested a look, here they are on the new feet:


When I had Miss P1 my mum presented me with a tiny piece of headwear, that apparently I wore at Miss P2’s age. Being born in December though, it wasn’t quite the right season, so she never wore it. Not the case this time:


I do NOT think it’s likely that Miss P2 will thank me for this picture. The vintage broderie anglaise (with a tiny strawberry design that I’ve never seen in modern broderie anglaise) is beautiful and it’s lovely for her to wear something that was mine, but I do get the feeling that she has an urge to join the wagon train and roast a prairie chicken. Cornbread anyone?

While we’ve been busy several things have started to crop in the garden including the purple podded peas of purple podded peas!


Celia of PPP very kindly gave me some seedlings at the last Reach Arts Fair and they’re now lusty little plants. Miss P1 thought the small first crop was delicious and wolfed them as though they were raisins or even jelly tots! Fantastic.


Apologies to the lucky giveaway winners for the delay in proceedings - Mr P and Nanna, Granny and Grandad P have been a fantastic help with the little ones - hence this post and the last one too and Miss P2 does seem fairly settled (tempting fate by posting this…), but jewellery-making will be slow for a while.

I’ll leave you with something Mr P told me about the last half hour of Miss P2’s birth. Apparently, at one point I said ‘No, I can’t do it, I’m off’ and tried to get up and leave! I don’t remember this at all but Mr P and the midwife had to restrain me gently. Not sure where I was going. To the shops to buy shoes perhaps.

Thanks again for all the lovely lovely messages!