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Quilts, jewels, fish and insects

Sunday, June 22nd, 2008

A few things to catch up on - I think my posts will be rather less frequent for a while!

Firstly a massive thankyou to Wonderwoman, who sent us two little quilts - one for each of the Miss Ps. Miss P2 has an incredibly pretty little yellow one and Miss P1’s has a lovely teddy fabric - the teddies seem to be quite entrepreneurial and, slightly bizarrely, are selling watermelons to black birds! Both quilts are already winners.



I can’t quite get my head round the kindness of bloggers! People I’ve never met who exchange electronic messages and share what essentially are diaries and then sending presents! It’s fantastic - pardon the slightly emotional response - some hormones at work at this end!

I have an update on my giveaway - the jewellery will be sent out this week and here are a couple of sneaky peeks as seems to be the tradition:



These are brand new designs so it’s been a great exercise for me. I have so much I want to make in silver at the moment - perhaps it’s because I dion’t have many hours available that my head’s filling with designs.

This week we had a surprise and welcome visitor to the garden - a hummingbird hawkmoth. This is quite a special insect that resembles a tiny hummingbird with a very long proboscis and an incredible ability to hover. It is a day-flying moth and was visiting our red valerian plants. It is a summer immigrant from the meditterranean and Africa but global warming had led to its overwintering in the UK in recent years. It was a real privilege to see it in the garden although I was catching up with a friend (and some biscuits) at the time so didn’t have the camera to hand.


Image borrowed from here

Here’s a quick picture specially for Charlie P. Since his arrival Nemo the Clownfish really has been second only to monkey in Miss P1’s favour and here’s the evidence - a garden picnic consisting of ‘biscuit cake’ (a piece of play bark - honest!) and ‘raisins’ (grape hyacinth seed pods). Tasty!


And finally a gratuitous tiny baby shot: