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I’m feeling a little faint…

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

Do you know, I have been making things. Jewellery no less! Actually rather a lot of it this week, hence my absence from blogland. Instead of tapping at this here keyboard I’ve been busy with the pliers.


My ‘maternity leave’ from Emma Mitchell Designs is over and this weekend I have my first two events of the year. One I am very excited about indeed. I’m having a stall at a market at Jimmy’s Farm. Lovely setting, happy pigs, tasty sausages and hopefully a few ladies keen on my wares - we shall see. I’ve managed to snap a few pieces of the beaded work I’ve been making.


Back to some of my favourites - shells. I have some serious seaside withdrawal symptoms at the moment - this necklace answered the calling in a small way. 


A lampwork, hand-painted bead and semi-precious bracelet.


This beautiful hand-painted bead is from one of my suppliers -the lovely Juliet at Spoilt Rotten Beads. I’ve been visiting her shop rather a lot recently.  It is rather a treasure trove so click the link at your peril! Here are more hand-painted pieces of loveliness. Sigh. 


Here’s another birdy commission. Charlie! He’s finished!

I’ve been working on some new silver pieces too - to come next time. I also had rather an amazing nature walk at Granny and Grandad P’s house. I have a picture of a badger’s footprint! Coming soon to a pebbly post near you.

Now to change tack a little, you may remember (warning, the following link is to be approached with caution) this quilt. It was unique in many, many ways. Now, break out the smelling salts and prepare to feel rather fluttery, for it is a truth…


…universally acknowledged, that a single,


ahem, man,


…in possession of a large fortune…


..must be in want of a wife! Mrs Trash brings you Donkey Darcy. Oh! Such intrigue! Ladies, I can hear you swooning. What spectacular breeches. He’s single, he’s hairy and he has really very marvellous ears. IT COULD BE YOU, but form an orderly line and practice that coquettish gavotte because I heard it on the Meryton stable grapevine that some donkey called Giddyup Liz has taken his fancy. 

After all that I really do need a nice lie down.