My kind of patchwork

I have not been the blogger I’d like to be of late. When I started the Silverpebble blog I had one child, a bump and a tiny jewellery business. Having met them when I ran a couple of arts fairs, I started to visit Gina’s and Celia’s blogs out of curiosity, and thought ‘I could do that - I would like to do that’. There was space for it.


I now have two tots and the business is growing a little. This is wonderful news. When illness strikes and unexpected (but very welcome) flurries of business come in, this little place is neglected and visits to your blogs for little stories, thoughts, poems, beautiful pictures and gorgeous makes are put aside. Sometimes I do not have time to answer all your smile-giving comments, but believe me they’re very thankfully received and I relish the friendliness and encouragement - it’s wonderful, thankyou.


When I do not answer I’m probably at the dining room table beavering away with silver and pliers for a customer, or administering calpol.  I am a fitful, patchy blogger - but I think as the little ones grow there will be a little more time and space for the consistency I’d like. Meanwhile my weeks as an involved blogger are happy ones - it’s certainly more of an enriching and surprising experience than I ever thought it would be - what a lovely place.

Oof, I’ve wanted to write that for a while…


I’ve wanted to post these pictures for a while too. The beautiful quilts and crochet blankets many of you make are covetable - many an evening I snuggle under a quilt that a friend made for me, browse through your blogs and imagine the neatly folded, colourful and very precious tower of quilts and blankets that I would build with them. I also have an imaginary ‘Princess and the pea’ moment with me snuggled under a giant pile of cosiness. Lovely.


Our bathroom splashback is the closest I’ve come to a spot of patchwork. Each of the tiles were once in a Victorian fireplace. They found their way to this little shop, where, eight months pregnant with Miss P1, I sat on the floor in a quiet corner, spread the tiles out and did some gleeful choosing. This is the kind of loveliness I was choosing from.  I think the shopkeeper thought I was a bit dotty. There were so many tiles in this beautiful teal colour. The Victorians must have liked teal- I imagine it being all the rage back then. I thank them for that because I love it.


This tile has the most touchable texture - it is stroked lovingly on a regular basis,


…but this is my favourite design - hated by gardeners but loved by children …



37 Responses to “My kind of patchwork”

  1. monica Says:

    that is just perfect. Beautiful.

  2. Magic cochin Says:

    I love your tile patchwork - please Mrs P can I snitch your idea when we eventually get round to doing up our bathroom? (don’t hold your breath!)

    And… I know that shop :-) I’ve tile-stroked in there too! I’ve also browsed the rack of vintage frocks at the back and dreamed that I have the figure of Audrey Hepburn so I can fit into them ;-)

    Right, must get back to the mount cutting for my framed prints… guess what colour the card is - pale teal! It the teinte du jour!


  3. dottycookie Says:

    Gorgeous. But then the whole of your house is enviably gorgeous!

    Missed you today. Hope you’re feeling much, much better now. I heard a rumour of a bead fair in Newmarket in November from a lady in the fabric dept of the Ely Cycle Centre, of all places!

  4. Gina Says:

    Such beautiful tiles… like the rest of your lovely house! Pleased to hear that the jewellery business is doing well but not to hear you have a poorly little one. Hope everyone is well soon.

  5. Karen Says:

    They are utterly enviable, as is your jewellery designing. Hope everyone will be back to normal asap. And btw you are in the hat! Thank you for your lovely lovely comments on my blog. It is quite overwhelming. x

  6. Katy Says:

    gorgeous! That’s my kind of patchwork too!!!

  7. Judith Says:

    Such loveliness-and the colour of the sails of the windmill at Wicken fen too. Perhaps next year we will have to have a Fen Meeting?

  8. 5 orange potatoes Says:

    oh, that dandelion tile is wonderful! I too am having a hard time finding the bloggy time lately. I want to open a shop but the blogging is taking too much time away.


  9. Nina - Tabiboo Says:

    I love your bathroom tiles all teal and touchable or should that be strokeable?? Never the less they are gorgeous…

    …and thank you for the reminder that we are all only human and although blogging is a wonderful community with that should come understanding. I hope all are on the mend?

    take care,

    Nina xxxx

  10. hens teeth Says:

    You are so lovely.

  11. driftwood Says:

    what a lovely post xxx

  12. AliceC Says:

    Alas! Alas!
    One sight of those beautiful tiles and I have been struck down by a serious case of the Wanties (thankyou Ali for this invaluable word)
    I am going to tell MrM that you have led me astray.

  13. Carolyn Says:

    Dear Emma, thank you so much for your kind thoughtful comment on my blog. It was so lovely to hear from you. I’m ok, just get a bit thoughtful and reflective sometimes and I’ve needed a little quiet time just recently. I’ll be back soon

    We missed YOU!! So it was good to hear that everything is ok. I’m glad your business is doing well and family must always come first :o)

    Your tiles are wonderful. I think you have chosen well, they really fit nicely together

    Well, all for now, I’m trying to get away from the computer but it keeps sucking me back in … I remember the days when we didn’t have a computer. I used to get a lot of knitting done in the evenings then …

    Carolyn xx

  14. Pomona Says:

    Heavenly tiles - I am not surprised that you stroke them!

    Pomona x

  15. Menopausalmusing Says:

    What a stunning collection of tiles………. wow! A very “now” colour too. Hope everyone gets better soon and you get to do what you need to do for you. x

  16. Fancy Elastic Says:

    gorgeous gorgeous tiles. x

  17. kaylacoo Says:

    A work of art!

  18. Twiggy Says:

    Teal is my very favourite colour (I sound like Lola:) That is just gorgeous Emma.
    Twiggy x

  19. Thimbleanna Says:

    Oh Emma — what a treasure — those tiles are just beautiful. One of the things I love about blogs is that each blog is so individual and we can each blog at our own pace. Feed readers allow us to keep in touch so that even if it’s three months between posts for someone, we’ll still know about it. You have very busy days now with baby pebbles at home. Each season with the little pebbles is different — not necessarily less busy…just different!

  20. jeanne hyde Says:

    I love teal and your bathroom tiles are gorgeous. Lovely sentiments on the joys of blogging but family and work always come first - great to hear your business is doing well. Hope you all get better soon.

    Thank you for your always lovely comments.

    Jeanne x

  21. jackie Says:

    I love your little splashback. The colour is very you as are the patterns. We have a higgledy piggledy collection in the kitchen but I don’t want to sacrifice them if ever we move (still not done after 24 years!)so I have them blu tacked on to the wall. We occasionally hear a ‘thunk’ when one drops off. There’s a pic in this post (I just noticed you left a comment)

  22. Courtney Says:

    I love your tiles - they look really beautiful. I have a thing right now for teal too. It’s the perfect color to go with a sink.

  23. tracey petersen Says:

    Teal is lovely. I like to think of the world loving teal.

  24. juliaB Says:

    Lovely post Emma … and I am not so intimidated by the though of patchwork tiles as I am of a real quilt!! xx

  25. Lucy Locket-Pocket Says:

    Oooh! I could get very excited by that kind of patchwork too!!!! Lucy xxx

  26. Mrs Bun Says:

    I could stand, stare and touch those tiles all day too. A very happy inducing thing to have in your home.

    Love the new look blog by the way.

    Lisa x

  27. Simone Says:

    The bathroom splashback is beautiful I especially like the textured tile too. I have something for you over at my blog that may put a smile on your face! x

  28. wonderwoman Says:

    those tiles are just gorgeous - am glad your business is booming - you so derserve it as your jewellery is fantastic!


  29. mrspao Says:

    Those are such beautiful tiles - what a great idea. Your jewellery is amazing :)

  30. The Magic Onions Says:

    Those are such beautiful tiles!! We are doing some bathroom renovations soon and I’ve bookmarked this post in my ‘MY DREAM HOUSE’ folder…
    Thanks so much for sharing on Friday’s Nature Table.
    Blessings and magic.

  31. Julie Says:

    What beautiful tiles Emma and a privilege too to own something so lovley from an earlier age. It is always a pleasure to read your blog whenever you have time to blog.

  32. Lynn Says:

    Ooh! I would brush and floss for HOURS if I had that to look at (and stroke)!

  33. Sarah - Jane down the lane Says:

    Hey! Ahoy there me hearty……loving those tiles, great colour and lovely to jumble them up too. Teal is one of my faves too! Hope everyone in the Silver Pebble world is feeling better?

    Love Sarah x

  34. Sal Says:

    Hi there!
    They are beautiful designs!
    Thank you for your kind comments on my blog when I was ill…very much appreciated!
    Love,Sal ;-)

  35. The Vintage Kitten Says:

    Your tiles are beautiful! X

  36. vanessa Says:

    Isn’t it amazing that we have time to blog at all?! I get asked why I blog, and my response is, I enjoy it, the creativity, the community, the comments, other’s blogs, everything about it is very positive, and you can’t put a price on that, can you? It’s almost like a great big crafting group, who meet up through their blogs.
    I do love your tiles, so elegant, and love the patchwork look, I’m a huge fan of that look!
    Love Vanessa xxx

  37. Ali Says:

    Being the blogger I’d like to be is proving a bit tricky for me too. But I love it nevertheless - especially for pretty pictures and wise words like yours.

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