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Seedhead serendipity

Thursday, January 7th, 2010

Tonight the ‘Pass the Book’ giveaway will close. It’s lovely that so many of you would like to join in already! I found some rather special packaging (an old Palm’s toffee tin) for the prize. The packaging, of course, is for keepsies.


On to the subject of this post. There’s someone I’ve ‘known’ since I began blogging. We’ve exchanged regular comments and emails. We arranged to meet. Twice. We didn’t manage it. Twice. Illness and then great big snow got in the way.

We made eachother a present for our recent weather-thwarted meet up, just before Christmas. As we were unable to exchange them, Mr postie had to do the honours. This was my gift to Jackie:

My second ever brooch.


A little silver seedhead. It might be cow parsley, it might be hogweed.

Look what she made for me:


A felt and velvet embroidered seedhead brooch. Dill perhaps, or wild parsnip.


I adore it. The colours and detail are just exquisite. I keep having to go and look at it. I transfer it from coat, to bag to cardigan and then back again. Then I sit all twitchy and have to go and look at it once more.


We had not conferred. We had not alotted a theme. We had not even mentioned the giving of presents. Neither of us had tried this motif for a brooch before, (although we had both blogged our affection for one of nature’s best designs).

This was serendipity of the loveliest, most surprising kind. Thankyou thankyou Jackie.