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Start them young

Thursday, January 14th, 2010

The snow is old news. It’s melted here so things are back to normal. Whilst things were grim and wintry outside we needed activities to fill the holes left by trips to the swings or playing chase on the village green. We broke out the ‘Sparkly things to make and do’ book.

This book is like blogland for four-year-olds. Just one peep and there are ‘oooooh’s and ‘aaaahhh’s and ‘can we make that?’s.

This is what MissP, her little curly friend and I made earlier in the week. Sparkly fairy tiaras:


Materials: tissue paper, PVA, glitter, pipe cleaners.

Let me tell you though, I was close to making one for myself. I need an antidote to the tax return procrastinating dullards (a recognised medical condition). Do you think if I wore one of these whilst calculating profit (that’s hoping there is any) it might make it less mind-numbing?

As for nineteen-month-old little P, she’s been making bead snakes with her very big wooden beads recently. She drags them about saying ’ssss’. Whilst I made cottage pie one day last week I cast about for something to give her. I found some home-made polymer clay beads in a pot at the back of a cupboard. They’re smallish so I gave her the pot to put the beads in. She discarded the pot immediately and signed to be given the bead string. This is what happened next:

Perhaps my profit will be higher with a little child labour.