Lenten roses

During the hubbub leading up to Christmas I managed to get away for an hour or two to meet Alice C. Our meeting place was Anglesey Abbey, famed for its beautiful winter gardens, full of unexpected colour. It was a very special treat to meet Alice, have a beautiful wintry, sunlit walk and discuss everything from blogging to babies.


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We both savoured the walk, and we spotted the signs of approaching spring everywhere - clusters of green spikes promising snowdrops, miniature iris and tiny daffodils. My favourite, though, were already beginning to flower - hellebores or Lenten roses. The very first buds were opening. Foolishly I didn’t take my camera but my own hellebores are now doing the same.


After our meeting, excited by meeting an online friend after so long and at the  signs of the next season on its way, I decided to find a way to make some silver hellebores. I wanted a three dimensional five-petalled flower that drooped gently like the real thing and nodded its head slightly as the wearer moved.


This was the result, a simple hellebore necklace with a few little pieces of chain hanging below.


Soon afterwards I came across a rather pretty plain brooch pin that looked perfect for a slightly smaller version. The pin remains exposed when worn and reminds me a little of Roman brooches.

Both pieces are now in my shop, sitting in the little flower bed there. Thankyou Alice for our lovely meeting. (The brooch is now sold).

27 Responses to “Lenten roses”

  1. Thimbleanna Says:

    Oh Emma! They’re both just beautiful! I always love your silver work!

  2. Sal Says:

    I do love the lenten roses…and your jewellery is so gorgeous!

  3. kristina Says:

    It’s so perfect on the brooch pin–like a little curling stem. K x

  4. Gina Says:

    Absolutely beautiful Emma! I’m I’m more than a tad envious that I was working on the day you met Alice.

  5. Ali Says:

    I love the way your life re-appears in your jewellery, Emma.

    And that brooch design is a winner!

  6. driftwood Says:

    just gorgeous xxx

  7. trashalou Says:

    a the elegance of simplicity

  8. dottycookie Says:

    You know, I was already looking foreward to Wednesday and I am now almost beside myself …

  9. dottycookie Says:

    Forward, obviously. Contrary to appearances I am not illiterate, merely rubbish at typing.

  10. Julie Says:

    It’s beautiful, Emma.

  11. Lesley Says:

    Oh my good Lord - I just couldn’t help myself. Been there. Bought it.

    I totally and utterly adore Hellebores so I know you made this with me in mind. Your fault - you silly clever Pebble, you!!



  12. Lesley Says:

    I have another theory.

    Could be that the blood rushed to my head due to the fact that I’m breaking in new gold lycra dancing pants.

    Cannot get Craft Talk outa my head ;)

  13. wonderwoman Says:

    that is absolutely beautiful Emma.


  14. jackie Says:

    You’ve done it again. You have the knack of capturing the essence of a thing and yet its very simple.

  15. Zozo Says:

    Gorgeous Emma, that pin sets it off perfectly. I too have hellebores in my garden after a visit to Anglesey Abbey - my sister and me love that place as it holds many happy childhood memories of us rolling down the mounds (which I must say is painful to do when you are a fully grown adult :-( ). I am now going to have to rush out and see if my survived the winter !

  16. Jeanne - Cottage Garden Says:

    The little silver hellebores are gorgeous Emma! Anglesey Abbey is very special isn’t it? I must go and see the snowdrops and hellebores soon.

    Jeanne x

  17. Lucy Locket-Pocket Says:

    Oh they are beautiful Emma! Really lovely.

    Locket xxx

  18. Lynn Says:

    Oh, I LOVE hellebores! I planted some last year and am holding my breath, wondering if they’ll emerge. Sadly, though, I have a much longer wait than you do…

    Your silver versions are wonderful (of course). And I am ever so envious of your outing with Alice. Someday…(and will you come along, please?)

  19. elizabethm Says:

    I love hellebores and have about twenty - no silver ones though! gorgeous.

  20. Mavis Howard (Just a thimbleful Says:

    Just a thimbleful

    What a lovely collection of hellebores you have - I just have the green ones and the white ones ! LOVE your silver work.

  21. Simone Says:

    Beautiful pieces Emma. I am very inspired by nature too. I like the modern twist you put on a classic flower. xrepre

  22. Simone Says:

    I have just noticed ‘xrepre’ at the end of my comment! I typed an ‘x’ but goodness knows why I typed in the other letters! It isn’t meant to be a cryptic code or anything!!!

  23. Carolyn Says:

    The silver hellebores are GORGEOUS!

  24. Fiona Whitehead Says:

    Hi I found you via Carolyns blog - what a gorgeous piece - I’m off to have a look at your shop x

  25. Penny Says:

    What a lovely brooch! That is such good brooch pin, lots of scope for more prettiness.

  26. Sumea Says:

    So very, very Lovely….You make the most astonishingly Beautiful things.



  27. mrspao Says:

    I love hellebores and it is so nice to see in jewellery form, too. You are so clever.

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