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Spring silver

Monday, February 1st, 2010


I must admit I’m pretty keen for Spring to come along. I visited a blog yesterday that had a countdown to spring as the header. There were 49 days to go. That seems like rather too long a time to me. I have a little plan to try to post every day for a whole week starting on Monday 8th February. I’m going to cast about for heartening images, music and some things to make me laugh if I can. I might call it ‘up the hill to spring’. I’m hoping it’ll help me through the odd dreary day. If it helps anyone else then so much the better. After that week there will be only a little more than a month to go. I think that sounds much more encouraging. If anyone wants to join in next week feel free.


I have been rather lucky in finding some slightly more unusual vintage silver lockets recently. One is a little book engraved with leaves that opens to reveal two spaces for tiny photos and one, which frankly I’m in love with, is engraved with tiny flowers. I found a little engraved heart too. I have given each a little cluster of pearls, crystals and one of my silver flowers as I tend to do, and they’re now sitting in my shop.


I have been making lots of little silver birds for a bridal commission in the last week aswell. Bridesmaids, Aunts, Mum and Mother-in-law are all to receive one hanging from an ivory ribbon as a gift. They’re quite chirpy so I have made an extra one to brighten up the shelves of my shop along with the lockets.

Before the little pieces of silver wended their way onto chains and next to lockets though, I tinkered around and made the top picture. I think it’s Spring in silver land. I’m off to live there for a few days. The view looks nice.