We’re not in Kansas any more


Enamelled meadow pendant

I’ve been trying to enamel for nearly two years, on the cooker hob. Sometimes it worked. Mostly it didn’t.

I’ve just learned to do it properly.



All of a sudden there is colour stuck to my silver. It has that liquid quality I’ve never achieved before. ┬áIt reminds me of when Dorothy opened the door after the tornado, although it’s rather less bright and there are fewer squashed witches.


Me, grinding things


Viburnum berries

Lynne taught me how. It’s all about grinding and rinsing and tiny brushes and very high temperatures. She granted me my wish of making little flowers and leaves from melty glass. She is the good fairy of the enamels..


…with a kiln instead of a wand.

Thankyou Lynne. I’m overjoyed.

30 Responses to “We’re not in Kansas any more”

  1. Lynn Says:

    This is all very fabulous, but I’m a bit shaken up that you have already managed to do a blog post about it. When, exactly, do you sleep?

    I can’t decide whether the meadow or the viburnum is my fave, but really they’re all stunning.

    Trivia: I grew up in Kansas. Lots of tornadoes, but I never made it to Oz.

  2. Magic Bean Says:

    Ooh la la. I reeeaaly like the meadow. You are very clever. Very clever indeed and so is Lynne. Hope you’ll flog more stuff to Primavera. Sorry, that sounds a bit Del’n'Rodney but am too sun drunk to be more eloquent. Ax

  3. Rachel Says:

    Delightful - and what a great achievement! Well done, both to teacher and to pupil!

  4. trash Says:

    Whereas Lynn, I HAVE been to OZ but never Kansas. Spooky!

    Missus Pebble, am a little concerned about your qualification re: squashed witches. How many exactly where squashed?

  5. Lesley Says:

    Glad that you’ve mastered enamelling, Emma - I like the Viburnum berries. Lesley x

  6. TheMadHouse Says:

    Wow, really wow, I dont know what else to say. It adds an extra wowness to your stunning designs

  7. Dianne Says:

    Very cool pieces!

  8. Magic Cochin Says:

    Very Liberty Arts and Crafts style Mrs P! There\’ll be no stopping you now :-)


  9. Fiona Says:

    Wow. How exciting. Those pieces are lovely. The colours so subtle. Looking forward to seeing many more.

  10. Lucy Locket-Pocket Says:

    Fabulous! Lucy xxxx

  11. Jannette Says:

    Well, there MUST have been a wand involved somwhere: the meadow and the viburnum are dream-like… Must be a wonderful feeling, to be able to make what you see in your mind, especially after trying so long!

  12. artfulstarfish Says:

    ooooh wow. Now I really have to get around to thinking up something cool for you to make for me!

  13. Limecat Says:

    That is very clever. Me like.

  14. Twiggy Says:

    Ooo gorgeous, you are clever lady
    twiggy x

  15. tracey petersen Says:

    Oh! Very nice. I love this.

  16. Carmelina Lounsbury Says:

    this is so neat…glad you found me…so that i could pop on over to read something new!

    hope you come again!

    ciao bella
    creative carmelina

  17. Menopausalmusing Says:

    Clever stuff…………………………. really, really clever stuff…..:O)

  18. The Coffee Lady Says:


  19. wonderwoman Says:

    wow emma, that looks amazing!

  20. dottycookie Says:

    Oooh. And OOOOOH again. I am not worthy!

    I was rather worried at one point you were going to say you’d enamelled your hair though …

  21. Mrs Bun Says:

    Very exciting stuff. Bet you are all itchy to try out more now you’ve learnt how. Top is my favourite. Will some be ready to see on Saturday I wonder?

    Lisa x

  22. Julie Says:

    Well done Emma, they’re beautiful and you now have a whole new world at your fingertips! Btw, I like your pretty t-shirt :)

  23. Kim Says:

    Wow! Exactly like Dorothy! How beautiful they are.

  24. Lynne Glazzard Says:

    Oh Emma, thank you too, I had a lovely day and it was a pleasure to share ideas and information. I hope you enjoy your adventure with enamel

  25. jeanne - cottage garden Says:

    Well done you! Your silver pieces look even more wonderful with a touch of colour. I love the vibernums!


  26. Diana Says:

    Really exquisite work, Emma, I love it, well done!

  27. noelle Says:

    beautiful! x x

  28. Gina Says:

    So… so… beautiful… you clever thing you! I love the first pendant.

  29. Calico Kate Says:

    That is really pretty, so very delicate - well done you.

  30. Anne@andamento Says:

    I’ve always wanted to try enamelling, just bought a book on it the other day actually. I like the meadow & viburnum berries best. Lovely work.

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