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Nature table necklace

Wednesday, September 22nd, 2010


There’s nothing like repetitive making for removing stress. These figure-of-eight sterling links are satisfying. Blood pressure drops as the wire is bent into loops and the chain builds steadily.  It’s like silvery yoga.


There’s been a design knocking around in my head for a couple of months. A collection of silver flowers, berries and nature finds placed around the hand-made chain, like a silver nature table.


Making the little nature-inspired charms is soothing too. My hands have made these shapes before, for pendants and earrings, so the movements are familiar.


A couple of new ones were inspired by Lynn’s nature table. I just needed one or two more ideas for tiny silver things to make. This is why blogland is truly brilliant. Thankyou Lynn. I loved firing the little acorn - it made quite a flame.


The best thing about this kind of relaxation is that when it’s finished there’s something to hold - something tangible that I’ve made. It’s shiny, which is always good.  I think I might add this necklace, or perhaps its cousin, to boost my collection at Primavera gallery.