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OK, I have to admit that despite my self delusion and concerted denial, winter is coming. I’ve blogged before about my lack of love for winter and back in February I tried to cheer up the last few weeks of the cold dark season by posting about the joys of Spring, quite some weeks before it had arrived.


This winter I have a plan. Joining in with Poppytalk’s autumn colour week recently was an absolute joy. I’ve realised rather late in life that colour can be seriously cheery and therapeutic. It might even help me to get through the winter. There are just over four months of potential steely skies and coldness ahead of us before March knocks on the door, bulbs spring up like fireworks and we’re in the home straight.


So, to ease in each wintry month I thought I’d cast about for colour, photograph it, blog it, then look at it, and keep looking at it to distract myself from the naked trees and lack of sunshine. I think it’s a fairly good plan, although in bleak January I might struggle to find colourful subjects.

The first week of the month, or thereabouts, I’ll be blogging colour - maybe not every day but at least once. I’ll be beginning around the first of November. It would be wonderful if you joined in. Pictures of creativity, flowers, interiors, nature, food, childrens’ drawings, anything that will give us a blast of colour as an antidote to cold grey weather would be fabulous. You can even grab this little button if you wish:


Blogging colour at the beginning of the month like this means that it’s only four colourful blogposts until Spring. A sinch!


I’ve set up a flickr group for this too, called Splash of colour, Winter 10/11. I’m fairly new to flickr and it’s possible that no one will join in. No matter. I’m going to post photos on there and if the fenland gloom gets to me, I’ll be hopping over to flickr and cheering myself up.


So, winter, how d’you like them crabapples? I expect winter will remain impassive but the rest of us might feel a little better.

Finally, I just wanted to thank you so much for visiting over here and to apologise for not visitng blogs very much at the moment - I have lots of commissions, which is wonderful, but it squeezes my spare time a bit. I hope to be able to blog again properly soon.

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  1. driftwood Says:

    lovely idea, I’ll join in xxx

    the sun has just burst through the grey clouds here, if only I could capture some in a jam jar for times of need in January x

  2. Jenny Says:

    Great idea! I love colour (your photos are gorgeous by the way!), so I think I shall find some lovely colourful things to take pictures of this winter. Will put the button on my blog when I get home later! Have a great day! :) x

  3. Thimbleanna Says:

    What a lovely idea Emma! I’d love to join in — hopefully, I’ll remember — I seem to be very absent minded these days!

  4. jeanne - cottage garden Says:

    An inspired idea Emma I have picked up your link and would love to join in. We certainly need some colour at this time of year - thank you for throwing down the gauntlet so to speak!

    Good luck with your commissions!


  5. kristina Says:

    How super you have lots of commissions!

    And I know just what you mean about the weather. Very gray here in Teddington today. So will try to think color for the next few months, too!

    K x

  6. Judith Says:

    genius! I waved at you on Sunday from the Dyke’s End…..
    Thrilled you have loads of commissions-we’ll still be here when you look in again.

  7. Dragonfly Says:

    Fab idea - I’ll definitely join in with you. Sometimes, colour is the only thing that gets me through some days, so I’m always on the look-out for it.

    Off to check out your Flickr group…

  8. Rachel Says:

    Great idea. I don’t know that I’ll manage to join in, but then my blog is usually full of unseasonal colour anyway!

    So glad to hear about the commissions - I hope you enjoy doing them all as well…

  9. trash Says:

    Jolly good plan Missus Pebble. Off to seek you out on Flickr.

  10. Jane Says:

    Splendid idea - like you I dread the grey months and saying it\’s only 4 more blog posts till spring sounds perfectly doable! I will try and do the same. We need all the colour we can get during the winter months don\’t we?

  11. Peeriemoot Says:

    I’ll join in your Splash of Colour - brilliant idea. I love the winter but even I need some colour during the grey months!

  12. tara Says:

    Wonderful idea! Count me in. And myself, I am loving them crabapples. Coincidentally, I blogged about waiting for spring today too. Take a peek whenever you get a chance which, I understand, might be a while but for a very good reason.



  13. greenrabbitdesigns Says:

    What a brilliant idea, I would love to join in!
    Great that you have so many commissions. :)
    Vivienne x

  14. Scented Sweetpeas Says:

    Fab idea Emma, I must admit I am not a fan of the winter months and nor is my Mum, she got a light box from the local doctors a couple of years back as she hates it so much. I find happy music, walks on sunny days and looking a colour helps a lot.

  15. Gina Says:

    Sounds like an excellent plan and I’ll join in if I can… though I’ve got a few deadlines looming too.

  16. Fiona Says:

    Hi Emma. Did you get my message about your winning my earrings? Love the Avett Bros by the way. Good find.

  17. harmony and rosie Says:

    I’ll join you, what a great idea. xox

  18. Julie Says:

    What a great and cheerful idea :) I’ll look forward to enjoying your posts and maybe I’ll manage some myself too! I love the flower drawing!

  19. dottycookie Says:

    What a lovely idea. I’ll whisper that I actually rather like Nov and Dec, but Jan and Feb rather do my head in as well.

    Just got your email, will try to phone tomorrow for a chat - I’ve lost my voice again this evening. I have some rhodonite deliciousness to share.

  20. Menopausalmusing Says:

    Count me in. I really find from now till Spring hard going. I don’t buy flowers so miss bringing them in from the garden terribly. I shall try to post a post about colour, but have never done flickr………… yet………..

  21. Ali Says:

    Oh, I’ll play, Emma!

  22. wonderwoman Says:

    fab idea - winter can sometimes be sooo dreary and dull - will join in - have to put a reminder on the calender!!!


  23. Planet Penny Says:

    Ugh, I feel just like you do about winter, I’d love to join in. I’m flummoxed by Flickr. I thought I’d got it sussed but now when I try to get in it says ‘Who? Go away’ Love those crab apples! Penny x

  24. juliaB Says:

    hmmm… my crabapples (round here) don\’t look as rosy as that …

  25. jackie Says:

    Don’t wish winter away too quickly…think how fast Spring disappeared last time.
    There are some beautiful things to be had in the Winter. Skies with a hint of aqua blue and watery sun. Silvery frosts.
    Solitary berries on a bare branch?

  26. jackie Says:

    Sorry.. a solitary berry….

  27. urban craft Says:

    not just a splash but an explosion! Lovely.

  28. jus Says:

    Ok, I promise I’m not gloating because I’d really like to join in, but I’ll happily share my summer downunder at the beach photo’s… please don’t hate me!!! x

  29. Kitty Says:

    Great idea Emma, is it ok if I give you and it a shout on my end of month round up at The Bloggy Bits? Hopefully your lovely Flickr group will contain lots of colour. :) x

  30. Paula Says:

    I’ve just joined the Splash of Colour group on Flickr, great idea to get rid of the Winter blues. I live in the countryside and am loving the Autumn colours, especially when there’s a little sunshine to brighten them up.

  31. Di Says:

    What a wonderful project! I’ve just added a post to my blog and a photo to the Flickr group. Love the photo of the rainbow.

  32. Rebecca Says:

    Love your idea, a bit of colour here and there will surely get us through the dark months.

  33. Floss Says:

    Thanks for this great idea - I’ev joined your flickr group and hope to get back to posting soon.

  34. Dawn Says:

    I’ve read about this on some other blogs and would love to join in.(You might also like to know that I am pickig the next recipient for your Pass the book swap in the next couple of days.)

  35. busybusybeejay Says:

    Hi Silverpebble.I have posted a set of “splash of colour ” on my blog but don’t know how to join the group.Help.I think it is a great idea.

  36. Rosie Says:

    Hi there, I too have joined in and posted my photos on my blog yesterday. I think Splash of Colour is a wonderful idea:)

  37. Lesley Says:

    Lots of lovely colour Emma - what a good idea. The crab apples are beautiful. Have a good weekend. x

  38. Sharne Gregory Says:

    What a good idea, count me in.

  39. Penelope Says:

    Hi I have just found your blog via Planet Penny and am all for joining in, what a fabulous idea to take the winter blues away xox

  40. Jayne Says:

    Helloo there - I’m over here from Menopausalmusing. What a great idea this is …colour therapy in northern hemisphere blogland. :)

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