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Spot the real fruit

I’m overwhelmed at the response to this colour project. I can’t thank you enough for joining in because I’ve almost forgotten that winter’s on its way. This thing is working! I truly hope it is for you too. I’ve put a list of everyone that’s joining in on blogs, flickr or both at the bottom of this post so you can go and get even more of a colour hit.


I’m working furiously to make mosaics of the beautiful images over on the flickr pool. There are now 29 of us posting images on there. I can hardly believe it!

Whilst playing with the little ones in recent days with my new colour-spotting eyes in, I noticed how beautiful some of their toys are. I’ve been a little hair shirt with them though. There’s a lot of wooden toys round these parts and very few electronic tweety bleepy ones. It’s possible that they’ll hit ten and want nothing but a Nintendo DS as an antidote to wooden toys.


On the up side their toys are very very easy on the eye and bargains can sometimes be found. Recently I picked up the massive box of vintage wooden bricks in the above picture for £8, complete with a wine box to keep them in. I love their slightly worn look and the thoughts of one or two generations of children having already played with them adds to the loveliness.

I go for full on colour when I buy or swap their clothes too. Again, we may be met with two grey-clad teenagers eventually, but for now I’m seriously enjoying what they wear. As an adult it’s perhaps a little eccentric to wear all seven colours all at once but if you’re two it’s the best thing ever.


When the toys combine with the clothes, the happy blast is unmistakable.

Here is the list of bloggers and/or flickrers who are colouring themselves happy. Hop over to their blog or to the colour pool for a cheery fix:


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If I’ve missed you off the list then huge apologies. Please do drop me a line and I’ll amend it.

29 Responses to “Splash of colour: toys”

  1. Emma Angel Says:

    That hat is the best! How I wish I could get away with wearing fruit on my head.

  2. greenrabbitdesigns Says:

    I just love those little ducks!!
    This is all such fun. :)
    Vivienne x

  3. Magic Cochin Says:

    Miss P1’s mac is so cool! I nearly nicked it from her once - then I realised it wouldn’t fit me :-(

    What a result for your Splash of Colour project! Good to know there’s a pool of colour to dive into whenever I fancy.


  4. Jane Says:

    Wow - what a lot of us there are - just goes to show how much we all need colour in our lives especially during the coming grey moths. Love the photos here and especially the little raspberry hat!! Why not wear whatever takes your fancy no matter how colourful it is - maybe we could learn something here too for have you noticed how dull many of the clothes in the shops are just now?


  5. harmony and rosie Says:

    Love the last photo, so so cheerful. I\’m noticing colour everywhere now!!

  6. Sue Says:

    Caption for the last photo -
    ‘Why is mummy making us wear our macs when it isn’t raining?’
    ‘She’s doing that blog thingy again.’

    Fabulous colour Mrs Pebble :o)

  7. Rachel Says:

    Love Sue’s caption for the last photo.

    I have to say, the weather is encouraging me to wear my bright red and cream trench coat to cheer myself up!

  8. tara Says:

    Love that bowl of wooden fruit. Now I’m off to look at others’ blog posts for some colour inspiration!

  9. dottycookie Says:

    I seriously need a ladybird mac now. D’you think it would suit me?

    Lots of lovely new links. Hurrah!

    I have lots of colour today but no light to shoot in. Maybe tomorrow.

  10. Jacquie Says:

    Hi , LOVE you Splash of colour Idea. I’ve already posted about it on my blog and linked back to your blog :0)
    Off to join your flickr .
    Jacquie x

  11. kristina Says:

    So love all the colorful toys. I’m seriously pro-wood, anti-plastic, too.

    And you’ll be so proud of me: I managed to do a colorful (non-gray) post today!

    K x

  12. Bobo Bun Says:

    I expect you to be a riot of colour when I next see you Emma. Little Bun always went for the bag lady look of wear all your clothes at once, slowly it\’s fading and I miss it, but like you say it starts to look odd as you get older.


  13. trash Says:

    Crumbs! Wouldn\’t it be awful if you picked up the wrong apple?

    As someone whose children lived through a mostly wooden/fabric toy based childhood I have to say they have come out the other side reasonably unscathed. While the (frankly whizzy) coloured iPods get a regular workout the Wii rarely gets more than a cursory play.

  14. Louise Says:

    I am absolutely loving that strawberry hat, what a cutie!

  15. Di Says:

    Great to see Splash of Colour is doing so well and thanks for the link.

  16. Menopausalmusing Says:

    That strawberry hat made me smile :O))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  17. driftwood Says:

    oooh wooden toys. and coloured ducks! I know just what to photograph next xxx

  18. lucy locket Says:

    Gorgeous happy photos Emma - and your project made me look up and appreciate red apples against the blue sky the other day which made me smile and which I would probably not have noticed otherwise. Lucy xx

  19. jeanne - cottage garden Says:

    oh just look at the Little Pebbles’ colourful outfits - so happy and un-wintery!!! I love the colourful toys and the strawberry hat is great!

    Thank you for inspiring us with this project Emma - looking for colour in December is going to be such fun. Thanks for the link.


  20. Su Says:

    I love those macs and wellies!

    I’ve joined in with the project too, hope that’s ok. Have just posted my first one on my blog. Thanks for setting this up, it’s a lovely idea


  21. Su Says:

    I love those macs and wellies!

    I’ve joined in with this project too, hope that’s ok. I’ve just posted my first one. Thanks for setting it up, it’s going to be such fun!


  22. Helen Philipps Says:

    Love the fruit bowl and the brightly coloured raincoats! I’ve joined your splash of colour idea in my latest post too! Such a lovely idea.
    Helen x

  23. Jenevieve Says:

    Love all the colourful photos! I’m in the process of creating a splash of colour post now! Love the fruit bowl and the bright jackets in the rain are so beautiful! I’ll be heading over to FLickr in a minute too! :) x

  24. Robin Says:

    What a lovely blog you have. First time visiting and I will be a follower. Great color!! I love your jewellery too. Where can I see more and perhaps purchase? Thanks, great idea of splash of color I would love to join too! xo Robin ❤

  25. Julie Says:

    I love your photos of the girls in their colourful clothes. My Islay loves being in a bright mix of stuff and I encourage that - I think she needs to make the most of it while she can (I\’m sure yours won\’t be grey-clad teenagers and if they are maybe they would have been anyway!). But I find myself being much more careful with the boys - not sure why, maybe it\’s to do with \’boy\’ colours and that they don\’t miss-match so effectively.
    I\’m going to enjoy taking part in Splash of Colour. My eyes are much more open already. Thanks, Juliex

  26. cottage doors Says:

    Wonderful colours!

  27. Planet Penny Says:

    Reminds me of the first time my daughter dressed herself completely unaided. A multicoloured fair isle dress, pink tights and red wellies! How I wish I had the nerve to do this look myself!
    I\\\’ve joined in over on Planet Penny, now I\\\’ve got to work out how to do the Flickr thing. Thanks for starting this off! Penny xxx

  28. Lynn Says:

    I am insanely in love with that first photo. You don’t need my linens; you already have the BEST EVER yourself.

    P.S. Please leave that one to me in your will.

  29. mrspao Says:

    Count me in - I\’ll join you. I think I need to look for colour as it is so gloomy at present.

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