November colour mosaic

Hold on to your hats. Here’s a mosaic from the Splash of Colour flickr pool*. It makes my eyes seriously happy **:


From top left:

Purple Podded Peas, Wild Acre, Itchin Stichin, Peeriemoot, Scented Sweetpeas, Alice,

Ally Coll Crochet, What Katy Did Next, Forest Poppy, Dragonfly, Green Rabbit Designs, Trash,

Harmony and Rosie, Domesticali, Philosopy of Lists, Sharne’s Bits n Bobs, Me, Driftwood,

Kitty, Tilly Flop, Niminy FIngers, Mkirkman, Bunny Mummy,

Linaloo, Buttons Ribbons and Other Things, Tess, Dottycookie, 77belle, Chic City Living, Paula’s Homemade Life.

I’ve included an image from everyone taking part in the flickr pool. There are over 200 vibrant images over there from 38 contributors - how fabulous is that? My mosaic-making skills are limited, that’s for sure, but it’s the colour that’s the star here. I’ll definitely be looking back at these in the coming months.

I find that looking at all this colour is rather like eating chocolate - it’s delicious, and the feeling lasts for a good while afterwards.

Go and have a peep at the latest bloggers to join the colour project***:

Planet Penny

Sharne’s Bit n Bobs

Forest Poppy

Rosie P

Su Living on the Edge

Helen Phillips

Busy busy bee jay

Bunny Mummy




Stitching in the kitchen

I’ll be back tomorrow to mark the end of November’s Splash of Colour.

* There was another mosaic in this post but my image handling skills were rather lacking with it for some reason and the images had become blurred. Apologies

** If you’re not happy that your image has been included then contact me and I’ll remove it.

*** If I’ve missed you off the list then do drop me a line.

19 Responses to “November colour mosaic”

  1. Magic Cochin Says:

    Woo-oooo (waving from my stall at Linton Christmas Market)

    What a fab mosaic - brilliant!


  2. Robin Says:

    I wanted to join also: thanks Robin

  3. Robin Says:

    Thank you, did not see my blog! silly me ❤ Robin

  4. dottycookie Says:

    Ooh, yes that certainly is colourful! Lovely to see the sun today - and enjoy the fireworks tonight (now that WILL be a splash of colour!)

  5. Helen Philipps Says:

    The mosaic looks wonderful - well done for producing it! Thanks for adding me to the list too. I\\\’m looking forward to the firework colours tonight. Have a great weekend.
    Helen x

  6. sue Says:

    Is it too late to join in this month? If so can I join in from next month? It’s such a great idea.

  7. Planet Penny Says:

    Gorgeous, thanks for putting me on the list! x

  8. Di Says:

    What a lovely mosaic - such gorgeous colours. It will definitely brighten up those grey winter days. Thanks so much for including my photo too!

  9. Dawn Says:

    Lovely mosaic. Could you add me to your list of blogs who have joined in please? (I do have Flickr but can’t remember my sign in at the mo!)

  10. Miriam Weaver Says:

    Brilliant, a lot of work there. Hope you and the Little Pebbles enjoy the fireworks.

  11. Ali Says:

    What a fun mosaic! You’re working overtime on the whole linky thing too - thanks!

  12. tara Says:

    Beautiful colours, Emma!

  13. Julie Says:

    You’ve inspired lots of people with this Splash of Colour Emma and it’s brightening up dull days. Well done! xx

  14. Jenevieve Says:

    Fantastic mosaic of colour! Thanks for including my image! :) xx

  15. greenrabbitdesigns Says:

    Can I just say what a wonderful idea this was of yours Emma!! Just look at how many people are joining in, I’m so happy to be taking part.
    Your mosaic looks great, we’re all going to be so busy looking for colour
    Spring will take us by surprise!!
    Vivienne x

  16. Nina - Tabiboo Says:

    Gosh that is a burst of colour and so great to see - showing off how November truly is and not grey and dark like it is so often perceived.

    Nina xxx

  17. The Coffee Lady Says:

    God, this is an undertaking! I did a calendar one year and that nearly broke me. Well done you. I have finally sorted out adding myself to your flickr pool.

  18. Dragonfly Says:


  19. kristina Says:

    Oh how fabulous! This is just what I needed! So gray outside…

    K x

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