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So, this month’s colour project is drawing to a close. It’s been fabulously uplifting and an excellent antidote to grey skies. Ironically we haven’t had too many - it’s been rather sunny and bright here in the East of the UK, but this project is about storing up a pot of colour to draw on later, in darkest winter.


Miss P’s bonfire night glow stick

I’ve been thinking about the effectiveness of looking at colourful images as an alternative to the prolonged periods of sunshine that will be lacking in the winter. I had a quick look on the interwebs and most pages mention it as an alternative therapy, involving decorating your home in specific calming and uplifting colours. Google Scholar did not show any academic references for the use of colourful images to lift mood. So, there doesn’t seem to be any concerted research to prove its effectiveness (if you do know of any could you let me know?). This project can be our research though - do let me know if seeking out colour or looking at it on the flickr pool has made you feel less wintry.


This is my final image for November’s Splash of Colour:


It’s not terribly bright or striking is it? It’s the subject that’s key. It’s a picture of winter wheat that was sowed a month or two ago. It will grow very very slowly and at times remain practically dormant over the next three months or so. In March it will start to grow away ready for next year’s wheat harvest. The thought of it growing in this field only a few hundred yards from my house is lovely. There it is - summer in waiting. It’s a heartening thought.

Huge thanks again for joining in and commenting. I’ll be posting colour again at the beginning of December.

20 Responses to “Final splash”

  1. wonderwoman Says:

    i love all the colours of autumn leaves, there\\\’s an amazing display just along our bridlepath. Your glo stick pics are beautiful!


  2. tracey petersen Says:

    The glow stick photos are beautiful. A wonderful way to show a splash of colour.

  3. Jane Says:

    I think the very fact that we are actively seeking out brightness and colour is helpful but have to say that for me it is lack of sunlight rather than colour that makes such a difference. However like you I am well aware that even in the depths of gloom and chill new life is ready and waiting - a quote for you to share - In the depth of winter I finally learned that within me lay an invincible summer (Albert Camus)

  4. Magic Cochin Says:

    The glo stick images are amazing!

    I\’ve been photographing flowers still in bloom in my garden this morning… and it was amazing how many I found. Might just have to do a blog post about them later…

    Sky is bright blue here right now - hope it is the same at the western end of the DD.


  5. Menopausalmusing Says:

    Loving those shoes, tights and leaves!!!!! This has been a brilliant project and idea! :O))))

  6. Magic Bean Says:

    Hello there. Pop over to me for a little splash of colour dedicated to you!!! Yes a personal one! Haven’t paid enough attention to know if I’m joining in properly and I haven’t got flikr time at the mo so decided to go solo.

    Your colour posts have been truly cheery, thanks. Ax

  7. Robin Says:

    Great thoughts on color as a form of uplift in the lightless days and dreary days of winter. I will let you know if I read anything on the subject!
    Thanks for your colors, xo Robin

  8. Rachel Says:

    I think the thought of the winter wheat is a truly heartening one - well-spotted!

  9. quinn Says:

    What the heck is a \"bonfire night glow stick\"? I\’m pretty sure I want one!

  10. Lynn Says:

    Here’s the strange thing: as I was messing around yesterday collecting images for my Tumblr page, I found myself rejecting the vivid autumnal hues I’d sought out in the weeks before. My little mosaic suddenly looked very sepia-ish and muted. So perhaps another approach is to embrace with gusto whatever mood nature is supplying at the moment?

    On the other hand, I don’t see myself EVER embracing February’s mood…that’s when I’ll need the color injection for sure.

  11. Nina - Tabiboo Says:

    I love those glow stick - like a twirling thing of beauty.

    Here’s to November and all her colour.

    Nina xxx

  12. greenrabbitdesigns Says:

    The glo stick photos are excellent!! :)
    I know what you mean about the wheat, I planted sweet pea in my greenhouse a couple of weeks ago and it’s starting to peep through the compost. I find it very uplifting knowing that is next summers sweet pea!
    Vivienne x

  13. harmony and rosie Says:

    Lovely glo stick photos, fabulous colours. Wonderful to see growth in the field too, life really is remarkable isn’t it?! xox

  14. dottycookie Says:

    I agree with Lynn - it’s February when I’m going to need the lift. Or, if I’m honest, the second week in January when we’ve taken down the festive decorations and everything seems unbearably flat and grey. I shall be haunting flickr then!

  15. chrissie Says:

    I love a boost of colour during the winter and always look back at my summer holiday snaps to cheer me in the gloomy months. I saw a field of oilseed rape seedlings on a walk in the hill overlooking our village and thought what a sea of yellow was in waiting.

  16. Helen Philipps Says:

    I’m sure colour has an uplifting effect during dark days. I remember years ago when I first began browsing the internet I really enjoyed both the colour on websites and the actual bright light of the screen (a bit like a light box for design work). Your field of newly sprouting wheat is a lovely image and a nice thought for our chilly wintry week!
    Helen x

  17. Thimbleanna Says:

    It’s been fun to follow along with the color posts Ms. Pebble! I’m hoping to play next month — quilt market sort of took the wind out of my sails!!!

  18. mandy Says:

    Love the glow sticks! I mentioned you over at mine. Thanks for the splash of colour group.

  19. jus Says:

    Lovely photo’s… Cripes! I’ve just seen myself in the list of joiners… time to get down the beach and start taking those promised pics. x

  20. Gina Says:

    Loving all this fabulous colour. Perhaps by December I’ll work out how to add images to the flickr pool (I know nothing about flickr!)

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