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A pink giveaway

Wednesday, June 4th, 2008

My website went live just a week or two ago and whilst the shop part was being tested/optimised by techie types, I received what seemed to be some orders for several pink pearl garland bracelets. All excited at having online purchases, I quickly ordered the pearls I needed, only to find out that they were only test orders. Feeling a bit silly at my excitement I am now left with quite a few of these rather lovely natural pink pearls.


Having finished the tiny bootie project I also have some time on my hands, and need distracting from my own baby impatience, enormous belly, achy bits and acid indigestion. So, I thought I’d make something using these little pearls and give it away. Not sure what I’ll make yet but it wont be a simple garland bracelet - over too quickly and not enough other pretty things. There might be a bit of this kind of thing involved:


Or this:


Or maybe some of this:


Ted likes a bit of vintage-style too:


So.. it wont just be pink. I’m keen on using vintage-style colours, little vintage buttons and shells at the moment too - think of Lucy Locket’s lovely little heart quilt but hanging round your wrist/neck.

If anyone would like the results of some badly needed displacement activity then let me know and I’ll put names in a hat and draw out a winner. Could you also let me know if you prefer bracelets or necklaces - I’ll take a vote accordingly and make the most popular item. A couple of others will get a ring each of choice as I have a little surplus stock at the moment and wont really be doing any shows till Christmas ‘08 or even spring next year. This is also to say lots of thanks to everyone for all the lovely and unexpected comments on my brand new blog, and to celebrate my tiny business going electronic. Don’t worry if pink isn’t your cup of tea (although I’m hoping there may be some takers) as I plan to have one or two other giveaways in the future - particularly to generate new ideas for silver projects. If Miss P2 comes sooner rather than later I’ll still make something and so it will happen anyway, just a little less quickly.

On another topic, does anyone have a Wordpress blog and know how to customise the side menu bit - e.g. to add this (which I’m very excited about):

Russian Doll swap

…or other pictures - I’m at a loss.

P.S. Just before bedtime this evening Miss P1 said ‘Mummy, your eyebrow looks like a dog biscuit’. Yikes! Perhaps it’s time to get the tweezers out as well as the pliers.